Pictures are worth a thousand words, and can give you a new perspective on things. The pictures on this page are some of the beautiful things I've seen and captured to keep forever

Monday, May 30, 2011

a moment with a squirrel

I'm going to attempt to paint a picture for you.  My bed rests against a wall in my room with a window that houses my air conditioner.  i sleep with my head directly next to the air conditioner for optimal coolness while i sleep.  Well, i woke up the other morning to scratching on the outside half of the air conditioner. I opened the blinds to find a squirrel looking at me.  Separated only by a single pane window, we were merely 5 inches away from each other, looking into the eyes of one another.  To my absolute amazement, the squirrel put his tiny paw up to the window and held it there.  Instinctively i held my index finger up to his paw ( truly a Tarzan and Jane moment).  We held this artificial contact for a moment and then he fled to the edge of the air conditioner to attempt the leap of faith back into the tree, 4 stories above the ground.  His first attempt was nearly deadly, I watched as he clung to the end with his back paws, facing the far off ground head on.  I held my breathe as i could only see his little paws and hear the panic scratching and scrambling of his dangling body on the opposite side.  Then he miraculously flung himself round and panted as he rested for a moment looking back into the window before making another attempt.  I watched as he made it to the closest limb and the scurried down the tree to lower grounds.  This event all happened in less than a minute yet it was one of the most meaningful and intense moments I've experienced in a while.  I felt truly connected to nature, to the wild, and to this little squirrel.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My wish for you

Dont change you
I see how you change when they're around
I see how they change you
But what you don't know is
the real you is the you i miss
Why do you change you?
is it because you think they look down?
But do you know that they bring you down
When you change you
you hold yourself back
Why do you put on this act?
is it because you think they have it better off?
but do you know that your destined for higher places
Dont change you
for the fear of their angry faces
I hope you can learn to stay true
Dont be the one they want you to be
Dont change you
In the real you, no flaws do i see
stay true and someday all of they
will be wishing they could be just like you
Please dont change you
i love you.

Attempted Hakuna Matata

I just watched the lion king and i was reminded of a wonderful phrase.  Hakuna Matata.  No worries.  And i was able to relate it to how i have been feeling recently.  I have been feeling frustrated with having to defend every decision i make.  I am succeeding and i dont see why it matters how im doing it, if its the way i want and im happy with it.  Im going to do it this way no matter what any one says, so why say it :)  Im trying not to worry about people's comments, and worrying about what they say about me.  no worries.  I love my life right now.  Im not only getting good grades, but im actually learning.  I balance my school work and friends.  Im making grown up decisions everyday without help and i couldn't be more proud of myself.  And the best of all is that im having fun doing all of this.  I dont like to see the little flaws in myself and others and i dont really understand why people like to point out mine.  but im just not going to worry.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meeting with Mr. Gandhi

Today i had a fantastic opportunity.  I was able to listen to Arun Manilal Gandhi give a speech at school tonight. He is the grandson of the Mahatma Gandhi.  I couldn't have felt more honored to sit in a room with such an influential person.  Arun left his home town in South Africa to escape a prejudice and live with his grandfather in India where he learned his nonviolent ways. He has devoted his life to spreading the teachings of his grandfather and to help keep the love alive.  He made many points that i know i will never forget.

One of which was; that violence is caused by anger and unless we know how to harness our anger into positive actions, the hatred in the world will never stop.  And violence is not just physical.  It is anything that hurts another person.  And the best way to know if you're being violent is to think.....if i was that person and that happened to me, would i be happy or hurt.  And once you can recognize when you are being violent and recognize the anger that surrounds it, we can start to harness it.

He also talked about relationships and how we can be violent within them.  Relationships are about mutual respect. And we must realize that we are not always in them to gain something for ourselves.  Sometimes we have to stay with them simply for that person. and that is its purpose.  weather we like it or not running away isnt the answer when it hurts someone.

Another amazing point he brought up was the greed of people.  And how foreign policies are set up in a way that in the end just benefits each owns country.  and by doing that someone always looses.  We are all one people, underneath race, religion and gender labels, we are all human beings and when one of us falls, we will all fall.  This constant sense of self creates hatred.  And when theres hatred theres anger, and when people use their anger in the wrong way they make mistakes that can change the course of their entire life and the lives of many.  Arun placed seeds in my brain that i can already feel growing into great ideas.

There was one comment he made that really hit home for me, because i struggled with this realization a while ago.  He said that in America and many other places people go to college to study a major that they can manipulate to get rich.  When people should be going to college to study a major to develop character.  We need to forget about the career sometimes and focus on the character. I completely agree with him having been on both sides of the spectrum. and i believe in creating character, because those are the people i ultimately want around me.  AND WE MUST BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD

tonight was definitely thought provoking and i will remember it for the rest of my life.  These messages and the many others that he spoke of tonight will stick im sure.  And im still in awe that i was able to listen to him speak.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GOALS; for tomorrow and the coming decades

short and long term goals as of today....take them as you wish
-get a 3.7 or higher this quarter.
-make enough money this summer to pay for gas, and be able to save some for books next year
-recycle more
-graduate with as many certificates as possible
-travel to australia
-make a living in australia
-pick up a hint of an australian accent
-lower my carbon foot print
-help the world lower their carbon foot prints
-be someone's hero
-make a career out of what i love to do
-never settle
-eat less meat
-buy more locally grown food
-loose weight and be healthier
-go to the zoo more often
-adopt an animal
-be a better friend
-go skydiving
-start a family
-and last but not least OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT


Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the past 10 years Osama has been hiding, his network must have know then that his death was obama's top priority.  I don't think this death was anything unprepared for.  I don't believe that the death of one man will end the hate. But the invasion of their country for 10 years might increase the hate. If one believes in terrorizing, i dont believe that this would stop them.  in the past 10 years we've been sending our soliders to war, and imposing on an entire country, and entire culture, to search for this guy and "weapons of mass destruction".  his death means alot for the death of the loved ones lost in the twin towers, and that loss will never be forgotten even after today.  but what about the lives of the loved ones who have fallen in war, not just the americans but everyone involved.  what will justify their deaths?  it seems like a never ending cycle of death and destruction.  im not against wanting to defend your country and increase safety, in fact i think our soldiers are very brave and honorable.  but i just dont get this situation, thats just how i feel right now.  Im beyond confused and disheartened.  what is this war about anymore??  how can i believe anything that is told to me? from where im standing we r at war searching for a justification to be at war.  or maybe im just a stupid hippie.   whoop whoop 'merica!

outside my dorm i can hear large groups students rejoicing, singing, yelling, blasting music. guess u got what u wanted osama.  we r completely obsessed with u.

-peace and love :)