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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Believe...

I believe in myself
I believe everyone is good deep down
I believe in forgiving and forgetting
I believe that tears and yelling don't solve anything
I believe in putting chocolate frosting on my PB&Js
I believe in laughing about it today, and not waiting for a few weeks
I believe that you can still make forts when your 19 years old
I believe that you never "mature", you just learn whats not socially acceptable
I believe in my dreams and all the possibilities they could stand for
I believe in doodling
I believe that any meal is possible in my microwave
I believe in refilling my plastic water bottles
I believe in wearing my jeans more than once before washing them
I believe that a swing set can take all your troubles away
I believe that no religion is wrong
I believe that sometimes loving something means giving it away
I believe in taking the day off
I believe in road trips
I believe in the 1990's nickelodeon shows, not some of this new stuff....
I believe that my itunes shuffle knows more about what's going on in my life than i do sometimes
I believe in channel surfing
I believe in cake for breakfast, why not?
I believe in giving money away, someone else can always need it more than you
I believe in karma
I believe in lowering the drinking age....what 19 year old doesn't?
I believe that i don't laugh at stupid jokes, everyone else is just to plain to understand them
I believe in taking risks
I believe that we all need a vacation
I believe in just breathing sometimes
I believe that everything is connected, but sometimes we don't care to see it
I believe that your life isn't your experiences
I believe that life is the natural processes that occur that keep things alive.  do you ever tell your heart to beat?
I believe that we should respect all levels of life, we wouldn't be here without them
I believe in evolution, and I won't damn you to hell if you don't...
I believe that after 12 years in a Catholic school i realized that i don't want or need a label
I believe that everyone is a hypocrite sometimes, including myself
I believe in sleeping in on Sundays
I believe that as long as i get it done, it shouldn't matter how long i procrastinated
I believe that i have all the knowledge in the world, but i just don't know how to access it sometimes
I believe that Lion King is still the best Disney movie
I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt
I believe that people come and go in your life and that's okay
I believe we can learn something from everyone no matter what their age, race, religion, or values.
I believe that i learn something new everyday
I believe in second chances
I believe that maple/chocolate syrup are the best condiments, would you eat any other ones by themselves?
I believe that the people who believe in me are my greatest friends
I believe that i can accomplish anything on my own, but i appreciate when people help
I believe in sympathy pains...they're real and they hurt!
I believe in doing what you want today because tomorrow is never guaranteed 
I believe that if you read down this far that you believe in some things that i believe in

That is just some of the things that i believe off the top of my head.  what do you believe?