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Monday, April 4, 2011

the vicious cycle I've entered into.....COLLEGE

Almost done with freshman year and i realize that i wish i could have just traveled the world instead.  However now i have the burden of student loans hovering over me and Ive realized that Ive entered into the viscous cycle of college.  It truly saddens me to think that i made the wrong decision.  I now want to travel and discover the world, learn new cultures and live on my own and do art.  However, I'm afraid thats not possible.  Whenever i decide I'm done with the college thing, I'm going to be in debt.  Debt is no place for an world traveling starving artist.

Let me paint you a picture:

When you graduate highschool your usually 17-18.  Then the traditional thing to do is to a.) find a job or b.) go to college.  I chose option b.  after picking the right university from the hundreds out there, they ask you to apply for a particular college within the university that you would like to study in.  From there you pick a major.  Now you can go into college undecided.  However, your paying for each course, so essentially the more time you waste trying to figure it out, the more money your wasting.  MONEY.  Sure i got a bunch of financial aid, and an ass ton of student loans, but that just means I'm putting off paying for college until I graduate. Student loans must start to be paid off in a specified amount of time after you stop attending college.  (whether it be for graduating or dropping out).  Alright this is getting a little complicated.  In four years my loans will be over 30,000 big ones.  add in living expenses and food, cell phone bill, car payments, filling said car with gas, internet/cable, unexpected emergencies....the list goes on.  Where in the world am i going to get all of that money.  I guess i better get a good paying job right out of college.  Well the options that i have are pretty slim.  You have to consider your interests, the demand for the position, the average salary for the position and so much more.  By this time your thinking just a few jobs....doctors, lawyers, and engineers.  WELL I CANT DO ANY OF THOSE.  NOR DO I WANT TO.  so why did i pick option B.  why didn't i just save myself the grief of loans  and job pressure and explore the world while i had the debt-free chance....because i was only 17 and i didn't know any better.  IRONY