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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Attempted Hakuna Matata

I just watched the lion king and i was reminded of a wonderful phrase.  Hakuna Matata.  No worries.  And i was able to relate it to how i have been feeling recently.  I have been feeling frustrated with having to defend every decision i make.  I am succeeding and i dont see why it matters how im doing it, if its the way i want and im happy with it.  Im going to do it this way no matter what any one says, so why say it :)  Im trying not to worry about people's comments, and worrying about what they say about me.  no worries.  I love my life right now.  Im not only getting good grades, but im actually learning.  I balance my school work and friends.  Im making grown up decisions everyday without help and i couldn't be more proud of myself.  And the best of all is that im having fun doing all of this.  I dont like to see the little flaws in myself and others and i dont really understand why people like to point out mine.  but im just not going to worry.