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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Responsibility

Just thinking about material things today.  I enjoy my things a lot.  I'm typing this post on my laptop in my bed in my dorm room, snuggling with my favorite tiger stuffed animal. I use my things every day.  But I'm starting to wonder why I'm claiming these things.  They are not mine.  They are everyone's, they are from the same earth.  Someday i won't have this computer, I won't sleep in this bed in this dorm and I won't be holding this plush.  Someday everything that I claim as "mine" will be left for the next generation.  If these things are not mine but everyone's, this earth is not mine, but our's....why do we not get upset when we see other disrespecting this earth?  We are very protective of only the things we claim as ours, yet we share these things with so many people, essentially.  Shouldn't we protect our greatest, most beautiful, mysterious, most massive possession that we have.  When we die, will this earth still be the greatest possession for our grandchildren?  Just a thought.....