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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

geography fail

this quarter im taking a human geography class. and as our first quiz its a "simple" map quiz of north america, central america, and the carribean.  It's tomorrow and im preparing for it now.  he gave us a list of about 29 countries or provinces (plus the 50 states) about 42 physical features, and 56 cities.  easy enough i thought, ive been looking at maps all my life.  so i printed off blank maps so i could fill them in.  MAN AM I DUMB!
but i feel like im not the only one.  geography is something we dont always commit to memory... (or it could just be that im 19 and dont pay attention...lets find out)

so heres some questions.....dont look them up and if u know them all right away then im wrong and ur incredibly knowledgable and im envious because i only know them after an hour of memorizing and looking at maps

where is...   these were tricky for me, we dont always talk about them
james bay
catskill mountain
snake river
prince edward island
santo domingo
baja california
lake winnipeg
sierra nevada
great basin
hudson bay
new brunswick
bay if campeche

where is..... these i should have known right off the bat but i didnt....embarassing (anyone else?)
cascade mountains
kansas city
st. lawrence river
and the great lakes!!! which ones which ahhh?!?!

haha i hope im not the only one who really hard to think about some of these!! this was really eye opening