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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My wish for you

Dont change you
I see how you change when they're around
I see how they change you
But what you don't know is
the real you is the you i miss
Why do you change you?
is it because you think they look down?
But do you know that they bring you down
When you change you
you hold yourself back
Why do you put on this act?
is it because you think they have it better off?
but do you know that your destined for higher places
Dont change you
for the fear of their angry faces
I hope you can learn to stay true
Dont be the one they want you to be
Dont change you
In the real you, no flaws do i see
stay true and someday all of they
will be wishing they could be just like you
Please dont change you
i love you.