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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

GOALS; for tomorrow and the coming decades

short and long term goals as of today....take them as you wish
-get a 3.7 or higher this quarter.
-make enough money this summer to pay for gas, and be able to save some for books next year
-recycle more
-graduate with as many certificates as possible
-travel to australia
-make a living in australia
-pick up a hint of an australian accent
-lower my carbon foot print
-help the world lower their carbon foot prints
-be someone's hero
-make a career out of what i love to do
-never settle
-eat less meat
-buy more locally grown food
-loose weight and be healthier
-go to the zoo more often
-adopt an animal
-be a better friend
-go skydiving
-start a family
-and last but not least OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT