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Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the past 10 years Osama has been hiding, his network must have know then that his death was obama's top priority.  I don't think this death was anything unprepared for.  I don't believe that the death of one man will end the hate. But the invasion of their country for 10 years might increase the hate. If one believes in terrorizing, i dont believe that this would stop them.  in the past 10 years we've been sending our soliders to war, and imposing on an entire country, and entire culture, to search for this guy and "weapons of mass destruction".  his death means alot for the death of the loved ones lost in the twin towers, and that loss will never be forgotten even after today.  but what about the lives of the loved ones who have fallen in war, not just the americans but everyone involved.  what will justify their deaths?  it seems like a never ending cycle of death and destruction.  im not against wanting to defend your country and increase safety, in fact i think our soldiers are very brave and honorable.  but i just dont get this situation, thats just how i feel right now.  Im beyond confused and disheartened.  what is this war about anymore??  how can i believe anything that is told to me? from where im standing we r at war searching for a justification to be at war.  or maybe im just a stupid hippie.   whoop whoop 'merica!

outside my dorm i can hear large groups students rejoicing, singing, yelling, blasting music. guess u got what u wanted osama.  we r completely obsessed with u.

-peace and love :)